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Fandom Friday: Major Fandoms I’m Not a Part Of

For this installment of Fandom Friday, I’m discussing some of the major, popular fandoms that I’m not a part of. This isn’t a negative post, but rather highlighting some cult classics that I’ve totally missed out on. In fact, this list is slightly embarrassing. But let’s dive in! (Please don’t hurt me.)

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  1. Star Wars. Ok, let’s get this one out of the way. I have never seen a star war. I also only recently learned that you don’t refer to the individual films as a “star war.” Whoops. Arguably the most popular film series of all time, I get quite the range of reactions when people learn that I’ve never watched the movies. Most people are horrified, some get inexplicably angry, and others are so indignant that it’s as if I’ve committed a crime. With the current trilogy and new standalone films, I definitely feel out of the loop. I might finally get on board the Star Wars bandwagon in time for The Last Jedi this Christmas…well, we’ll see.


  1. Star Trek. Apparently not the same thing as Star Wars, which I only became aware of in the past few years. Also set in a galaxy far, far away, Star Trek is a TV show turned film franchise reboot about the crew of a space ship. I have seen one of the new Star Trek films, because Chris Pine is pretty, but that’s the beginning and end of my Star Trek experience. In all honesty, this franchise simply doesn’t interest me, and I’ll realistically never watch the original show. Sorry Scotty, I’m staying right here.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is another hugely embarrassing entry, because I know that I would probably love Buffy. So many of my friends love Buffy. I even watched the first season before it left Netflix, and while I enjoyed it, I couldn’t force myself to binge the entire series. Buffy is definitely a show that I want to watch in its entirety eventually, but for now I’ll just awkwardly nod along when people discuss the merits of shipping Buffy with Angel or Spike.
  1. Pokémon Games. I am being specific here and only referring to the games, because I LOVED the Pokémon TV show back in the day. But the cards, and subsequent video games, and now the app everyone is still obsessed with? Not a clue. This stems from the fact that I didn’t play video games as a kid, and didn’t even understand how to play the card version, so there was just no chance for me here. People eagerly await each new game release (will they ever run out of colors?), but I’m still not exactly sure why Pokémon even evolve. Oh well.
  1. K-Pop/K-Dramas. If you’ve ever spent longer than 5 seconds on tumblr, it seems as though everyone is obsessed with K-Pop bands and K-Drama shows. I’ve even watched a couple of my fellow BookTubers become so into these bands that their channels are now devoted to music video reactions and album unboxings. What I’ve learned from this is that K-Pop and K-Dramas are potentially evil forms of mind control, and that “just checking it out” is a quick road to obsession. I’m genuinely scared of how fast some people give up all of their other interests and become slaves to the K-Pop/K-Drama life of biases and collectibles and throwing up a peace sign in all of their photos with a closed lip smile and vacant eyes. Ok, kidding about that last part! But seriously, I am staying away because I can’t handle being that obsessed with anything anymore. My fandom stamina isn’t what it used to be – probably for the best.


Those are some of the most popular fandoms that I’ve missed out on over the years. You can try to convert me in the comments. What are some major fandoms you’re not into?



One thought on “Fandom Friday: Major Fandoms I’m Not a Part Of

  1. I adore Star Trek (even though I haven’t seen the original) and I have real issues with the reboots but I’m always a sucker for an ensemble group of characters in space. Plus you’re totally right, Chris Pine is so pretty (cue heart eyes). I kind of am pretty meh about Star Wars. I didn’t think the Force Awakens was anything special and the original films were enjoyable but not great imo. And I’m very fickle when it comes to kdramas because at least 80% of them are so blatantly or subtly sexist that it makes me want to gouge my eyes out so I don’t think you would enjoy a lot of them either way. But I actually think the really good ones are really good so maybe someday? Sorry for such a long comment..


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